Day 5...Gone Birding

by Russell Smith January. 05, 2017 454 views

With a nasty (so they say) winter storm rolling in starting tomorrow my experience told me that I should see a ton of birds feeding. I decided to unbolt my nifty 50 (50mm 1.8 ) lens from its home and put a longer lens on it . I mean I should be able to see some Cardinals, Sparrows, Wrens, and most common this time of the year Robins (the American variety).  I walk over to the brush pile place my back to the sun and wait. Silence. It was deafening . No chirps, tweats or any other kind of bird related sound. No squirrels . After 50 min of sitting still nothing.
I wander back to the house . There is an unused electric pole that had seen better days.  I look at the pole and there was a print. A hand print of my daughter from several years ago when they painted her swingset . It was a multicolored mess but she was proud of the job her and her friends did .

Painted Hand Print on Rusted Metal

High Five From the Past

I did take this picture with the 1:1 aka Instagram crop in mind . So today is a simple shot of a moment in history. On a side note my daughter looked at this and said it reminded her of a horror movie for some reason. I chuckled. It was a horror getting the paint out of her hair and there was 0 hope for the clothes she wore that day. Thank you for taking a moment to read this . I hope you will visit me on my journey again.

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Angela Robinson 4 years ago

I LOVE This!

4 years ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to Angela Robinson 4 years ago

Thank you . It is a bitter sweet memory as shortly after this the "tree house" was torn down.

4 years ago Edited