Day 11... Cozy

by Russell Smith January. 11, 2017 415 views

Cozy was the theme or word of the day . First thing comes to my mind with cozy is a nice fireplace with a fire going a big hot cup of cocoa and a book. 2nd thing comes to my mind is a nice hammock in the shade with a nice cool glass of ice tea with a good book to read. Neither one of those are available to me right now.

Cat in her cat bed snoozing

Comfy Cozy

My cat aka little bit or mama was snoozing in her cat bed. A bit of a back story with her. She adopted us as her family more specifically  me . My wife's cat brought her home and cared for her until she realized we were here to help her out.I am guessing because he did this because he was an adoptee or another case of we were his adopted family. She was quite feral and could fit in a tea cup with room left to hide in. This caused her to be known as Lil Bit. Over time she because more domestic and less feral(although with strangers she still tends to vanish). Before we could catch her and get her fixed she had kittens hence the Mama nickname . Up until the last few months she was very aware of the camera lens "looking and watching" her . With time and patience she has allowed the giant eye to be turned towards her . She has been in our lives for about 3 years now maybe a bit longer. Thank you for spending a few moments of your time with me on my journey through this project. Any suggestions or ideas feel free to leave them in the comments. I hope your day is going well .

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