Day 14... Dreams Compartmentalized

by Russell Smith January. 15, 2017 362 views

"When you're dreaming, you feel alive.."-Dream Song by Ministry.  A song I first found when I was in my mid to early teens. For some reason when I sat down to write it popped into my mind.

Dreams. For my personal sanity I have to compartmentalize my dreams be it the ones I have while sleeping or the ones that I want to make a goal or even the ones that are as much a wish as a dream. It helps me combine topics and look at them like a Rubik Cube. It helps me sort things out . I do not know if this is normal or not I know this is my normal and it works for me that is the important thing.

Patterns Abstract


For the dreams that I want to try to make a tangible.  I must move it from the abstract to reality. First I must figure out how to turn the dream into a goal. To keep me from getting overwhelmed I must break the goal down into smaller steps. Then I can start working on moving those steps around to work on finishing them. Then and only then can I move a dream into reality. As always thank you for spending a moment with me on my journey.

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