Day 19....How I Was Shown What Contentment Means.

by Russell Smith January. 19, 2017 978 views

Contentment means a state of happiness and satisfaction. 


I know in of itself this picture is ordinary. It is a simple .jpg file that only the in camera software has processed. I have taken several other shots of this (my cat) cat. She reminds me of contentment now. Why now. Well when I first saw here she was being guided my  wife's cat. Guided towards our house. He was one that adopted us.  She was so tiny she would fit in a tea cup with room left over and quite feral. Being a softy and realizing that a tom cat tends to not provide loving care to a kitten I had my daughter start putting out food for her. Spring  time (maybe 3 months old by then) she would sit in the door . Over time she would come inside if the door was open and panic if it closed. Well she had a litter of kittens in the house  and was friendly by very shy and panicky. We got her fixed and she had to stay inside for a few weeks. During that time she became comfortable with the day to day noise in the house. That was about 2 years ago. Fast forward to a year ago. I got my new camera and started shooting more. She did not like the eye (lens) looking at her . She would pull a Casper and vanish. Bring in some light stands and she did not like them.  Over time she has realized that the lens does not have evil intentions towards her. She will open her eyes to see what is going on and go back to sleep. So when she closes her eyes for the camera it is a sign of contentment and security. She has taught me loads about patience and how to approach animals and even how my attitude effects them. She can pick up on my aggravation or one that surprises me if I am dealing with a higher level of pain she picks up on that and sticks closer to me as if she is watching over me in a weakened state.

Now why did I mention the jpg bit. I tend to shoot in raw and do a minimum of post processing to most of my images. I am not usually content to let a piece of firmware edit the information I capture. I am content with it for this example because I wanted to show the simplicity of a moment and with the back story show how it is possible to "tame" your mind and slow down and be content.  I see flaws in the picture but I am ok with the flaws. I see minor changes I would make in post but I am ok with not making them for this purpose.  What does contentment mean to you or what brings contentment to you. I would love to hear in the comments. As always thank you for spending a few moments with me on my journey.

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