Weekend at the Lake Part 1

by Russell Smith February. 06, 2017 720 views

Lake Wateree, South Carolina is one of my favorite spots to relax . It is a place that has limited cell phone reception so it removes that noise. Replaced by the beauty and sounds of nature. It was in my mind that because the leaves of most trees had fallen it would be an easier time to locate and try to capture a few shots of the smaller birds that reside in this area. Well the first day I was there it was cold and windy so there was not much of a variety of birds out. There was the ever present squirrel .


This one seems to have a cataract in his left eye (right side of the frame). 

Black Capped Chickadee

Man these birds can move. I have deleted countless pictures from this weekend that I pressed the shutter button a fraction of a second too early or too late (and the bird left the frame). Birds seem to be a lesson in patience and perseverance. I think 80% of my pictures of the birds were trashcan shots.

Black Capped Chickadee

I was being a stalker with this little guy as long as I was about 2-3 meters from it the bird did not seem to mind my presence .

Northern Flicker

This is one of 2 woodpeckers I saw this weekend . The other was either a downy or hairy woodpecker but I could not get close enough to id it . By the time I got to this picture I realized something. I love the 75-300 mm focal length. I HATE the lens I have though. It has issues with CA (chromatic apparition) purple and green fringing in high contrast areas. Especially at the f8-f11 range which I tend to use f8 a lot when I am trying to capture birds.  You can see some of the fringing on the area of the picture of the top right . :(

Thief I mean Squirrel

Squirrels are amazing thief's. Well amazing to me. Look at its tiny toes and I wonder how they can support the weight of the body . Also watching the way they can jump or even the determination they have when they want to reach something.

Black Capped Chickadee

Chipping Sparrow (I think)

This little guy was the bully of the feeder on this day. If another bird landed it chased them off. Even if it landed on the other side. Kind of remained me of the cartoon character that said mine, mine all mine.

Splt second later the sparrow ran the chickadee off

Hey you this thing is empty.... Need a refill here

I was unable to take any keeper shots of the Red Wing Black Birds, Boat tailed Grackles, Brown Headed Cow Birds plus there were a few other birds that I could not get close enough to study so I could figure out what they were. I also was unable to get some good shots of the waterbirds like Pie Bill Grebe, Great Blue Herron, Seagulls (unsure species), Corrurmants (I have not seen as many as I saw this weekend in ages). There were also the raptors like the Red Shoulder Hawk, Black and Turkey Vultures, and Immature Bald Eagle. Some of the 4 legged furry friends were AWOL also. Like the Deer, Raccoons, Foxes, Turkeys (ok not really furry). The foxes and Raccoons are not welcome on the property of where I was staying because they attack my wife's aunts Chickens  . They are trapped and relocated across the lake so they can stay safe in the wild. The Cold, Wind, some rain. Kept the wildlife at a minimum but I was still able to practice a fair amount with the critters I saw. 300 shots of the wildlife I saw kept around 10% . Is it possible to shoot quick moving birds and have a better success rate? I wonder if practice helps . I know a different camera body would give me some advantages. Same with a longer lens but that would give me a different learning curve. Either way with or without a camera spending time in nature and enjoying the rhythms of life and the peace and quite of the environment (well I do not know about quite but the sounds of birds and animals is not noise to me). Part 2 will come tomorrow

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