Day 104... Good Friday

by Russell Smith April. 14, 2017 265 views

Happy Good Friday to you if you celebrate it if you do not happy Friday to you regardless. Life has caused me to take inventory of well my life.  In sorting things out both mentally and physically I stumbled across an older picture. This is of my cousin . I took it when I was 12 years old and entered it in a local 4-H competition . It won local and kept winning right up to and including national 4-H competition . This year 1989 the winners were part of a goodwill show that toured U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. This was shot on a body that was approx. 12 years old and the lens that came with it (a 50mm) . This photo reminds me of a few different things . Determination I had a few pictures win in years before either local or district or maybe even state . I was determined to do better every year even if I did not do so well the year before. This brings me to point 2. Support . Looking back the support of my mother was amazing even when I thought she lost her mind (like having me make a transparent rules of third frame) . Or being told this is good but this part is not so good. Also having people in my  life that are not afraid to tell me this is bad or that is bad you could do this better. The flip side of that coin when the I sucks and I will nevers kick in there are people that are not afraid to tell me NO you are good and prop me up for a moment so they can kick the pitty pot off my rear end. 3 while a new body or lens is nice and will or could make this or that easier  it is not necessary. This was taken on as simple of a body as there was . Manual winding of the film a single shot and a simple light meter with shutter speed and iso dial on it . Also the aperture was on the lens.

Peek a boo

This leads me to a point that I had not considered until today. Again it was my mother who mentioned to me that I should practice my writing skills more. I can tell a story through the picture well when I choose to . I need to work on my skills of writing to be able to better tell the story I am trying to convey in a picture or maybe some background on the picture or behind the scenes . So while I will most likely start this part more in depth on Monday I am putting it in writing today so I will hold myself accountable.  Also I know there are many talented photographers and writers on this site. I may not say it ever time but I do appreciate the support and the inspiration that you provide. I thank you for spending a few moments with me on my journey.

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