Day 108... You or is it Me

by Russell Smith April. 18, 2017 200 views

Me or a selfie of me but it is also me because I love black and white, according to some too much . You funny thing first thing I though of does it mean you as  in someone else or me . After some thought I decided to do something featuring me because you is abstract to me. Well abstract in how to make a photo encompassing you . It is the 3rd person is it someone else I don't know I sat there and thought on it about 20 min into thinking I closed my eyes and about 20 min. later I woke up with no more idea than before I dozed off .

Some things about me . I am a Gemini I argue both sides of arguments sometimes ; and I am of 2 minds about a lot of issues, I also  enjoy photography, World of Warcraft, Baking(breads most sweets I am not great at creating), cooking,and my family and friends . I also enjoy learning which means some failure or less than successful attempts. The key for me is learning what went wrong so I do not repete the mistake. Also I have a hard time admitting what went or what I did right (correct).  Why because what if it was just dumb luck that it went correct will I be able to re do the success?

Me sometimes I am curious to what the others see as the you in me or how you see me but at other times I am who I am and if you do not accept me as I am I have little time or energy to spend capital trying to figure out how to please that person.

Self Portrait

I am rambling more than I should so I thank you for spending a few moments with me on my journey and I hope you have/had a good day.

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