Day 123... Mess I see

by Russell Smith May. 03, 2017 767 views

My mind is chaotic somewhat of a mess. I do not think linearly at best my thought process would resemble one of those string arts . You know the ones where the colors string is wrapped around nails on a board. It all works out in the end .

For todays picture I choose a mess I made in the kitchen . Cookbooks. I was in the process of making one dish when an idea came to my mind to look for another dish that I could tie into the dish or I could spin off the left overs from . I had an idea of the color of the book but I could not remember which book it was in . So I started going through them stacking them on the kitchen table as I went .Once I found the recipie I was looking for I left the cookbooks on the table hence the mess part .

Out of Place Mess

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