Day 132... Start of a Test and Notes to go With it.

by Russell Smith May. 13, 2017 1250 views

This is the first one of a personal learning series of posts. It will take a few weeks (time and weather permitting ). So  this is the start of the practical part of my learning process. A bit of back story I know summer time in my area the milky way is visible . Some of my personal goals this summer is to do some night time photography and have it turn out so I can be happy to show my work.

Now here is where the process begins for me. I know I have done little or more correctly no nighttime photography. I do have some general book knowledge. I have done plenty of reading and watched  some great videos on the subject.  So on paper I "know" what I am doing. Should be easy right?  Well it maybe or it maybe a bit more difficult hard to tell with me sometimes I have to complicate the simple things so I can understand it and the more complicated it is the easier of a time I have learning it . I know from my reading that you want a wide angle lens with as wide an aperture as you can get. Problem number one . I have a 10-20mm that is a variable aperture lens 3.5 at the short end of the focal length . 5.6 at the long end. Just means I have to do a bit of trial and error to figure out what works and where my "limits" are.

In sorting out settings or how to do something I tend to stick close to the house and screw up frame after frame until I get comfortable. Then when I think I have a better understanding of what not to do , I go out for a series of test shoots  prior to any thing I have planned to shoot. Like in this case I have a field about a mile or so from the house I can go walk to once I have a general handle on my shot settings and what not.

Blue hour shot. f/8 13 seconds at iso-800

This was the 2nd frame . My first one was at f/8 1.6sec and iso-3200 as a test shot to get an idea of what direction I needed to go .  I lost 2 stops light in my is so I increased my shutter speed 2 stops (roughly) . Next attempt I need to drop my aperture to the minimum and shoot it that way. That is my error .

Few stars in the sky.

I saw a few stars in the sky and wanted to see how the exposure time would do with the stars and also I wanted to get an idea of how the light pollution would effect things. There is a light just off the frame on the bottom left side. The bit of white is high clouds from the weather front moving in .

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