Day 152... Goes Together

by Russell Smith June. 01, 2017 1114 views
Sum of the Parts of the Whole

Sum of the Parts of the Whole

Somewhere along the lines I messed up the numbers of my days . No worries rather than going through and fixing each one back to the point of the mistake I will just continue forward from the correct number and hopefully catch it before days or weeks go by the next time.
I choose the parts of the camera that work together to make an image. So the Body, Lens, Lens Caps, Battery, SD Card, Charger, CPL (polarizing filter) and Lens Hood.  I did use a flash that I bounced into a silver reflector to provide the light for the shot. I need to learn to look more at the shadows as the shadow around the lens I am not 100% thrilled with but this is a lesson for the next time. I do thank you for spending a few moments with me on my journey.

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