Day 13/365 The Big Winter Storm .... A Cold Rainy Day

by Russell Smith January. 13, 2019 237 views

Gia is the system roaring across the U.S.A. I have seen the photos and video clips of the havoc it has left in the West and Midwest . Well the Lowcountry of South Carolina and the Central Savannah River Area (Aiken area where I moved from) are not known for snow or ice. When it happens the world shuts down and panic ensues . I mean there is zero bread, milk or eggs left in the store. People buy electric blankets in case the power goes out . When I asked why they said so I can plug it in and stay warm. 100% of the time my response to that is either Bless Your Heart . (A nice way of saying your an idiot in southern speak .) Anywho it is a misty, drippy, drizzly, damp cold day here .

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Well what does one do on a grey day like this . Well hibernate and maybe nap. I decided to check on the cats to see what they were doing

Simba aka Sh*tbird

Simba aka Sh*tbird

He is napping on the bed he loves the comforter .

Lil Bit napping in the "window seat"

Lil Bit napping in the "window seat"

She is napping in the window seat . In reality it is a cooler that I have a comforter folded on so they can look out the window. During the winter time this is her spot as the heater blows up the side and warms her during the summertime this is his spot because the ac cools him down. Me I think I am going to enjoy a slice of Coffee Cake and another cup of coffee as I wait on the Baguettes to finish proofing I also need to finish making the Dijon Mustard .

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Camellia Staab 10 months ago

Laughed out loud with your "bless your heart comment". When I read the first line, I thought, oh I am going to ask Russell "how are these people generating electricity for the blankets, are they insane?" Then I read on and realized that you had already blessed them. Funny as heck!

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Russell Smith Replied to Camellia Staab 10 months ago

Bless your heart is also another way of saying Dang your dumb amongst other meanings . It was/is a way to politely tell people off and retain your "southern charm" lol.

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Heike 10 months ago

smile Bless your heart is the only possible answer in that case. smile
The cats know, how a perfect day should look! smile cat

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Russell Smith Replied to Heike 10 months ago


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Jay Boggess 10 months ago

Sounds like a perfect plan for such a day!

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Russell Smith Replied to Jay Boggess 10 months ago

:) It definately is a good day to either fly out of the area or hibernate . I wish I had a nice big bowl of soup right about now lol. Hopefully you had a nice Christmas and New Years Eve. I also wish you the best for this year .

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Jay Boggess Replied to Russell Smith 10 months ago

After being away from home for the last few months, hibernation sounds best for me!!! It was so nice to be in my own bed for a change! I woke up in the middle of the night & had to look around for a few seconds to realize I was home in my own bed!!! What a nice surprise! 
I gave my pillow a few good punches, rearranged my comforter, rolled over and off I went, back to dreamland.........ahhhhhhh..........sweet dreams ahead......zzzz..zzz...zzz.......zzzzzz.........

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