Day 103/365 Hard...

by Russell Smith April. 12, 2019 223 views
Lil' Bit aka Mama ... She has quite the Tortitude.

Lil' Bit aka Mama ... She has quite the Tortitude.

This one makes it hard to get anything done on the computer. When I sit down and decide I am going to do something she decides to sit down in front of me or try to steal the mouse . Honestly Pens are her favorite thing to steal or something with a cord (it looks like a snake to her) . I think it has become a game for her. Her other favorite thing to do is if I am watching a video she will press the buttons that fast forwards or rewinds the video so I have to pause it and wait for her to be done.

No she does not do this for attention because if you try to pet her she will discipline you she does this for irritation factor. The pet me mode is usually come lay down on the desk or lap and if you do not pet you she will use her paws to move your hand . Then if you do not listen she will discipline you . Just watch a mama cat dealing with unruly kittens that is how she will discipline you .

I do have a few projects in the works over the next few days . One being version 2 of my Carolina Rice Bread . I am having issues sorting out a few things mentally with this so I am deciding to trust my instincts on a few things. I will be adding rice in addition to just rice flour and also I will be doing this as 100% sourdough.

My seeds that I started a few weeks ago died :( . I know they were murdered and this is a huge travesty . It is warm enough now that I will plant the seeds into the ground and what will be will be. I also am going to Lowes to search out some materials for surfaces/backgrounds for food photography. I plan on doing a post for that .
I also need to get out to the county park or other woods to wander and get away from civilization for a bit . This will allow me to organize my thoughts because right now they are all over the map. A post in of itself for another day .

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Marilyn Grimble 2 years, 3 months ago

Our puss is the same! Mxx

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