Day 150/365 Two Photos One Raw Then Edited....

by Russell Smith May. 29, 2019 180 views

For todays post I am using a photo from this past weekend. When I go to the park or out shooting wildlife/birds I am using a less than ideal lens. I am using a 70-200 F-4 lens (A 150-600 or 100-400 will be in the future lens line up hopefully). Reason I mentioned this is I had a friend complain that they did not have a lens that would take wildlife photos. They do have the 55-250 so I told them while not ideal and I would not take a close up of bears with it that the lens would do fine if and only if they had patience. Then I showed them some of my recent shots with the 70-200. I know when I shoot I have to frame the shot in a way that allows me to crop in or if I am really lucky I wont have to . I shoot at the county park for one main reason, ok well two. First is that the park is 2-3 miles from my doorstep. The second is the birds and wildlife are use to people being in the area so they are not as skittish. This allows me to get closer. It also has trails so I am less likely to get things like tics on me.

This is the unedited photo just converted from the raw file to a jpg so no camera profile is added to this other than the OnOne Raw standard color profile. I had the camera on a monopod and I was tinkering with shutter priority and auto iso while in this area. I knew from previous exposures that I would need to be about minus 2/3 stop on exposure comp so I did not blow out the highlights.

This is the after shot so you can see there was a pretty aggressive crop and then while not the "best" shot using the standards of what I see in wildlife/bird shots that I love it is moving in the correct direction. I lowered the highlights just a bit, Raised the midtones and shadows just a bit . Adjusted white and black point to where they just started clipping in a few pixels. Then sharpened the image. When I crop I usually will stay with a 4x5 (8x10) crop anymore. I find I like that aspect ratio the best. Although for some images a 16:10 ratio I could go with 16:9 but I find that extra bit I like better. Just my quirk. When I am cropping an image that is aggressive like this one I will go way to far so I know where the image looses it then I back off to a happy medium so I still have some decent quality to the image in case I want to print it down the road.

Now I need to get out of the trap of there is nothing I want to shoot at the house and find something to shoot. The foods I have been cooking have not lent themselves to photography or more correctly the timing has not. With it being summer and school being out I may make more trips to the park in the morning hours to photograph/nature watch. Anywho I wanted to call myself out on that part .

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