Not Being a Hermit.....

by Russell Smith December. 19, 2019 241 views

I have been caught up in real life away from the camera. There have been a few things that were a high priority for me to watch and also took some time to plan out the rest of this week. This time of the year gets chaotic for me. My wife's Birthday is Sunday and well finish the Christmas stuff . The Christmas stuff is not so bad this year for shopping or wrapping . Yes I (and my daughter) have a few odds and ends to pick up for my wife but well we are going inland to spend a few days with family so than means packing and baking bread the whole lot. Plus this year we decided to get our passports so that was also something else to fit into the week. Not sure when we will use them we just wanted to get them now rather than when we want to use it. After all where we hope to move is not terribly far from Canada so that is a possibility. Anywho I am rambling.

I decided to venture out this morning for some Nature Therapy to help keep me sane. While I did get a few shots that I think I will like I will save those for a bit later in the week. I had to laugh while I was sitting there waiting on the park to open I saw a little brown job land on the ground. I decided to dig the camera out of the backpack and see what it was.

A Hermit Thrush. This guy had me chuckling because while it was not sure what I was it was trying to intimidate me by running towards me....Stopping and Puffing its feathers up to look larger. Then it would look at me for a few seconds and run back to the safety of the bush . It did this a couple of times so I backed up. The next time it did the I'm Big and Aggressive bit the little guy stopped in the sunlight for me. Sweet and YES.

By now I was kneeling but I did think about laying on the ground until I looked at the frost covered mud I was kneeling in and decided that was a nope rope. So kneeling was as low as I was going.

This was one of the looks it gave me before darting back to the bush.

I am hoping to post a few shots of todays Kitchen projects. A Strawberry Cake and also my variation of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich but making them mini sandwiches.

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Antonio Gil 10 months ago

Brave guy smile Love the picture

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Bethany Plonski 10 months ago

Gorgeous shot! Haven't seen one of these guys since last winter, but I just love them. Good luck with all the goings on and best wishes for the holidays!

10 months ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to Bethany Plonski 10 months ago

Thank you and best wishes for you and your family for the holidays.

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Camellia Staab 10 months ago

Very nice close up!

Russell you and I need to stop having these meetings of the minds (similarities). First off I am going to wish your wife and myself a happy-bday, since we both are sharing the day. Prime rib is on my b-day menu...whatcha making your wife? 
Also, as far as Popeyes chicken sandwich goes. I too was looking for a chicken sandwich recipe this week while making the grocery list and came across one for Chick-fil-A replica. I am not a Chick-fil-A patron but the recipe sounded quite intriguing, so added to my list. Two things that caught my attention 1) the chicken is marinated in dill juice. Have you heard of doing that?  2) Since I am going to fry it in the air fryer the recipe asked to combine flour and potato starch for the coating, indicating that potato starch will make the chicken more crisp than plain flour....another new one on me, didn't know if you knew anything about potato starch.

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Russell Smith Replied to Camellia Staab 10 months ago

My variation on something similar to a shrimp scapmi over angel hair past is for her dinner. Pickle juice makes sense as it should be a bit on the acidic side and could be good. I have not tried it because well I am the only fan of pickles (havent made them homemade for my daughter to try so she may like them). Potato starch and or Corn starch is something I use on a semi regular basis when I am doing a fried dish that is oriental in nature. It gives a nice crunch to a fried dish although to be honest I know 0 about an air fryer and as much as I have tried to wrap my head around it I do not understand it. Although the air fried turkey a few Thanksgivings ago was delicious. Also Happy Birthday to you :)

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Sherry Hill 10 months ago

what a cute little bird.. and happy birthday to the wife.. :)

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Russell Smith Replied to Sherry Hill 10 months ago

Thank you :)

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