Crumb Shot....

by Russell Smith January. 14, 2020 148 views

This is a crumb shot or cut shot of the bread I baked yesterday. I ran out of light and energy yesterday so I took the shot this morning :)
I am about 98% happy with the turnout of this loaf. I just need to adjust the bake time to thin out the crust just a tad bit. It is a bit thicker than I like for a sandwich.

Next baking project is to start fiddling with making a sourdough loaf version of this style bread. For those times that I want the flavor but also want a tighter crumb and thinner crust. So honestly outside of the flavor the opposite of what you would think of as a sourdough bread that is artisan.

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Antonio Gil 2 days, 18 hours ago

Love this kind of still life picture. Perfect light

2 days, 18 hours ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to Antonio Gil 1 day, 7 hours ago

:) Thank you

1 day, 7 hours ago Edited
Bethany Plonski 3 days ago

Wow! Looks delicious, and so well composed! The light is just perfect.

3 days ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to Bethany Plonski 1 day, 7 hours ago

Thank you . I guess being able to use the neighbors house as a reflector is a positive of having them so close about the only one that I can think of hehe.

1 day, 7 hours ago Edited
Lynn F Medley 3 days, 2 hours ago

Love the light and composition! And the bread looks delicious too,,

3 days, 2 hours ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to Lynn F Medley 1 day, 7 hours ago

Thank you the bread was delish :)

1 day, 7 hours ago Edited
Camellia Staab 3 days, 10 hours ago

Love the shot! Light is perfect for me. Perspective perfect. Plating perfect! Bread looks awesome too. This is one photo I would print  Well done in every respect! smile

3 days, 10 hours ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to Camellia Staab 3 days, 9 hours ago

I agree I think this will be the first of at least 12 prints for 2020 and thank you :) .

3 days, 9 hours ago Edited
John D 3 days, 10 hours ago

Very nice lighting.

3 days, 10 hours ago Edited
Russell Smith Replied to John D 3 days, 9 hours ago

I have to thank my neighbors house for being a giant reflector for my dining room window :)

3 days, 9 hours ago Edited