Jan9 Graveyard...

by Russell Smith January. 10, 2021 126 views

It was a grey day and occasionally would spit a few flakes of snow and or grapple it was also on the cooler side mid 30s F. I decided to take a walk up to the graveyard and grab a few test shots for an idea rattling around in my head. I knew these shots would not be great as the light was very flat but it gives me a physical point of reference that I can look at and try to figure out what lighting might be best or at least better. Unfortunately there were several funerals going on so that limited me to a smaller section out of respect. I also did my daily bird list there and got 35 species 1 of them was new to this life list so :) .

This was the section I limited myself to on this day.

This was the section I limited myself to on this day.

There are several others similar to this style that I did not grab a shot of they all seem to be early 1900s.

This one surprised me because this is a faith that I have rarely seen here in the south.

Now to consider how the light will be better and or compositions to show the beauty of these headstones. Also I need to do the bird list and shot for the 11 Jan.

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