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by Russell Smith January. 23, 2021 115 views

In a past lifetime I was a plumber and my boss was beyond ocd about pipes being level and plumb they must look neat. If you did not do it neat you redid it at the cost of no pay for those hour/s that it took to fix it. With this in mind about a month ago they finally plumbed the gas lines to the gas insert for the fireplace. I do love the fireplace until...

I walk outside.

The right side of the meter drove me crazy looking at it but the new line well that is something I do not look at often before my obsession with straight lines gets the better of me. Seeing as I rent I will not be getting the pipe wrenches or the rest of what I need to fix it so I will pretend it does not exist like this.

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Gethin Thomas 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Unbelievable. And they even had the mortar lines to follow?  Where I used to work I had to drill a hole in the wall, the electrician had said wires are always vertical. There were two wall sockets at the skirting and the hole I wanted to drill was dead centre between the two sockets which were four feet apart. I get the drill going, bang flash molten metal and I come around on the floor. Of course wires are always vertical, apart from when someone divides that one vertical at the bottom into two wires that lead to two separate sockets four feet apart..

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Russell Smith Replied to Gethin Thomas 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Yikes. That is the making of a bad day. Me and electricians did not get along too well. I learned to not trust them and on more than one occasion I tried to put a pipe wrench upside their heads for not have a 220 or greater line not turned off or rerouted to a different breaker only to discover that the lines were still hot.

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