27 Feb If the Creek Does Not Rise.....

by Russell Smith February. 28, 2021 126 views

Well I am beginning to think that it is a conspiracy to only have weather that starts on Fri and lasts until Mon. Tomorrow we are going to do a new experience. That is if the Creek does not rise. Why would it rise well we are on tap for 2-5 inches or 5-12cm rain today and tomorrow. Fortunately the ice dams have broken and melted and the snow melt has headed down stream well for us fortunately for them not so much.

This is a small creek ok small for US standards that is near the house. It is one shot facing north and one facing south. Normally one side is about 3 feet or a meter deep the other side is only a few inches or cm. deep. Here in this photo it is about 2 meters deep on the deep side and a bit over a meter on the shallow side.

Am I worried about the house flooding not really if that happens then well everything down hill of me is screwed and it is national news.

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