20 March Ginger Ale and A Busy Day...

by Russell Smith March. 21, 2021 225 views

It was time to bottle the ginger ale that I started a few days ago. The flavor I think I have finally nailed or nailed to the way we like it. I do have one issue to sort out and that is sediment in the bottles. I know it comes from the ginger and the way I process it. I do need to research how to remove it a bit better than I have been. The ironic this with this batch is it in more or less an umbrae that goes from clear to cloudy. Of course I put the clear up front to hide the cloudy two in the back.

This is something I tend to make every week or to so that means I have "screwed up" enough times to start getting it correct or correct to our taste buds. This is a ginger flavor that will smack you in the face it is not a mild or meek ginger flavor. That stems from my love of ginger and the fact I believe if I call a dish say Lemon Honey Chicken you need to know the lemon and honey flavors are there but also balance in a way the dish is as good as I can make it right now. I hate eating something like a Lemon Pound Cake and as I am eating it wondering where the lemons are in it.

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