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I'm flying, basically I am falling. My hands are heavy, my head is too.. . I am rotating myself upside down. I'm shooting up. I am opening my eyes, everything disappears. I am turning to the other side, after a while the same thing. Again, I am opening my eyes, I can not sleep, I am going to the kitchen, sitting down, going back to bed .. I am loitering. aimlessly. around 2 am I am falling asleep. and then waking up again. and again I am falling asleep and waking again. I am looking at my watch. 4 am. F**k me. I am trying to fall aslep. not a chance. That's just typical, I guess. not a chance.

My head hurts.

You are worthless...

You can't do nothing right.

You can't be you...

You want to be someone. 

But you can't.

Because you are no one.

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