Much too close to me ...

by Sandra Vermeulen September. 08, 2009 5072 views

On candystripe legs the spiderman comes
Softly through the shadow of the evening sun
Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead
Looking for the victim shivering in bed
Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and
A movement in the corner of the room!
And there is nothing I can do
When I realise with fright
That the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

Quietly he laughs and shaking his head
Creeps closer now
Closer to the foot of the bed
And softer than shadow and quicker than flies
His arms are all around me and his tongue in my eyes
“Be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy
Don't struggle like that or I will only love you more
For it's much too late to get away or turn on the light
The spiderman is having you for dinner tonight”

And I feel like I'm being eaten
By a thousand million shivering furry holes
And I know that in the morning I will wake up
In the shivering cold

And the spiderman is always hungry…

The SONG [] from: The Cure - “Lullaby”

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Nacho Fernández 7 years, 11 months ago

Love #3 !!
Beautiful set !!

7 years, 11 months ago Edited
Christa 8 years ago

Splendid macros!

8 years ago Edited


8 years ago Edited
Jan Erik Bergfjord 8 years ago

WOW.. too close for me too..
But great captures. :)

8 years ago Edited
Chris 8 years ago

Great macro, I agree with you, don't want to get too close to that one!

8 years ago Edited
Kate 8 years ago

Great image...outstanding detail...of and thank you for the music too !!

8 years ago Edited
Chris Ciotti 8 years ago

Absolutely amazing.

8 years ago Edited
Patrick Ryan So 8 years ago

Wouldn't it be fun if you change the color like Spiderman? Hehehehhe..

8 years ago Edited
Patrick Ryan So 8 years ago

Whoa!!!!Stunning shot here!So much details..I'm hoping you used a telephoto lens here...hehehehe..and very good choice of Aperture :)

8 years ago Edited
Balã¡Zs 8 years ago


8 years ago Edited
Jennye 8 years ago

OMG, I can't look at these!!!

8 years ago Edited
Neil Rosenberger 8 years ago

They don't eat much ! Nice captures ! cd

8 years ago Edited
Tim 8 years ago

oh godddddd,,,,,how can i sleep now???????????????

8 years ago Edited
Pedro 8 years ago

Buffff!!!! Fantastic!!!!

8 years ago Edited
Mike 8 years ago

Great macros!!!

8 years ago Edited
Alice 8 years ago

Fantastic :D
just how big was it in real life?! ;)

8 years ago Edited
Susan Jane 8 years ago


8 years ago Edited
Lynda 8 years ago

Great macros

8 years ago Edited
Mar 8 years ago

Iekssss ;)

Ben even door je blogs gelopen en het was weer enorm genieten.
Erg leuke, lieve, mooie sets Sandra!

8 years ago Edited
Milton Jacob 8 years ago

Brrrrrrrrrrrr.... but, excellent shots!

8 years ago Edited
Davide Paolucci 8 years ago

Nice capture...well done!

8 years ago Edited
Karolina R 8 years ago

Nice spiders. I like spiders. Speccialy these spiders.

8 years ago Edited
Pete 8 years ago

great detail

8 years ago Edited

Aaaah!!! I almost fell out of my chair. I hate spiders! I'm scared of them. Aarrgghh... I already stopped looking at your photos but still I'm getting goosebumps while writing this comment. :( I won't comment on how your photo went because I really can't look at them. But base on other people's comments... your good. :) Keep up the good work. Try to shoot ants... their cooler. Hehehe.

8 years ago Edited
Kodachromelives 8 years ago

Anansi Lives

8 years ago Edited
Piyali 8 years ago

We have become spider lover it seems we are going to scare people out..:)
These are great macros..I know how hard it is to get these shots right but you did an excellent job!!

8 years ago Edited
Jarvo Laysell 8 years ago

Fabulous pics. So close! Great choice of music too - but only Robert Smith would wear that much makeup in bed ;-)

8 years ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 8 years ago

great close ups!

8 years ago Edited
Michael Sakowicz 8 years ago

Excellent captures! Scary indeed.

8 years ago Edited
Nikolas 8 years ago

What a cute Great post ! The detail is fantastic and ...creepy ! Very comfortable with the lens so close , maybe she'll become a model this spider! :)

8 years ago Edited
Brian 8 years ago

Great closeups. I'd rather see closeups of spiders in pictures than in real life:)

8 years ago Edited
Stefan Fletcher 8 years ago

Perfect reaction: freaks me out - take a photo of it. And you did a great job!

8 years ago Edited
Ricardo 8 years ago

wow !!
Stunning Spider Sandra!
I loved it! watching a spider with this music was neat! (I know the music ;) )
Last one is AWESOME :)

Nice shots

8 years ago Edited