My Last Roll of Kodak BW400CN

by Ryan Mahle January. 17, 2017 463 views

One of my all time favourite film stocks was Kodak BW400CN - which was a black and white film that you process C-41 (which is a colour process) It had a really great look. Kodak discontinued this film some time ago, and I will be lamenting it's loss for sometime to come.

Earlier this year I loaded my very last Roll of BW400CN into my trusty Canon EOS 1V. But I didn't know what to shoot. Thankfully not long after I was sent to London for work, and being that London is a very photogenic city, I figured there isn't a better place to start my last roll.

Tower Bridge

I started at Tower Bridge, with my tripod and shutter release in hand. This film always impressed me when I did night photography with it. 

'Little London'

I then took a walk along the Thames near the bridge and decided to shoot some of the buildings in the area. 


Although I did get a lot of good shots on my walk, I didn't quite finish the whole roll of 36. But I decided that was ok, as I was off to Rio for the Olympics and would be able to finish the roll there......

'The Rings'

I was based in the International Broadcast Centre, which was located right next to Barra Olympic Park. So I decided that I would start there. I took several pictures that day, however this is the lone survivor..... The following morning I opened my camera bag and pulled out my camera to find that the backdoor had popped open and exposed the roll. (you can actually see a bit of the effect in the lower left corner) I was horrified, and it took me several months to take the roll to the lab, as I was sure I would end up with nothing. But thankfully all of the London pictures survived, as did this one picture from Rio. 

It is sad that I won't get to shoot anymore of this wonderful film, but I'm excited that Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for this film shooter. 

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