No Card!!!

by Howard. April. 11, 2014 255 views

Recently my DSLR stopped recognising SD cards and it even wiped files from one partially loaded card.

I have eleven 4GB SD cards and the problem initially started with just two of them not being sensed when fitted. At first I thought I'd carelessly overheated them by not protecting them while walking around Penang in blistering heat.

Then more and more cards where not showing up when fitted but my laptop could always find them.

When I looked inside the SD slot I could make out a small X-shaped piece of brass coloured metal which looked like it was sitting in an odd position, like it had been knocked aside.

I used my Swiss Army penknife big blade and gently tried to move it back to where I thought it looked normal. It took me two attempts and so far it's been fine. If it happens again I'll send it for repair when I'm back home.

There is a company in England who quoted me ninety pounds to fit a new SD card assembly with a six month guarantee.

I've used it for several days now since this happened and so far so good.

Maybe it's telling me to upgrade?

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Stefan Fletcher 7 years, 2 months ago

Yup, sounds like a faulty card read-write mechanism to me, probably one of the card "strips" bent out of shape when you removed a card.

7 years, 2 months ago Edited