12.21.16 -- Day 2

by Samantha Archie December. 21, 2016 234 views

Today's photo is of some beautiful purple and white flowers in my yard with the morning sky as a backdrop.

Starting this project has opened my eyes to the little things around me that I never really paid attention to before. Also, the act of capturing the moment and then reflecting on it as I look at it on the screen, has helped me be more present in the moment while also thinking about the deeper meanings and connections I make with my thoughts and actions. For example, I looked at this picture and saw the blooming flowers as a sign that today was going to be a good day and lo and behold, it was! Today I met with my program director and academic coordinator to discuss how to prepare for my new internship at a local agricultural organization that I start at the beginning of next year. Up until this point, almost everything associated with my internships has been frustrating and stressful. But that changed today. My academic coordinator came up with a great plan where I am going to interview local farmers about their work and the challenges they face. I even had the opportunity to start those interviews today and they went great! I learned a lot and had the chance to utilize my Swahili in a meaningful way. The experience also made me feel better about the progress I'm making with regard to learning the language, which recently has been a point of frustration because I often feel like I'm at a standstill. But the conversations I had today are memories that I will hold onto when things get tough. 

The beauty of the flowers also reminds me of the things I am grateful for. One thing that came to mind today is the wonderful people I get to spend my days with here. Although I may be far away from my blood-related family, the two families that I have lived with here in Tanzania have whole-heartedly accepted me into their family. And one of my favorite parts regarding my families are the children. The following picture is of the two kids that I've spent the most time with since I've been here, Monica and Jason. They are one of the major things I look forward to seeing everyday especially on tough days. They provide me so much unconditional love (well sometimes at least) and always are a great source of entertainment. Today makes me look forward to tomorrow and I hope that I can find something similar to those flowers to foster inspiration and good luck tomorrow!

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