1.1.17 -- Day 13

by Samantha Archie January. 07, 2017 204 views

On the days when you don’t do much, it gets difficult to both remember to take a picture and also, to find something to take a picture of. So you learn to get a bit creative and work with what you have. Today’s photo is of a doll that my 1.5 year-old nephew gave me. I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture today when I looked down and saw the doll in my lap and thought why not take a picture of it. I tried to use my new photo skills to position the doll in an interesting manner and got a bit stuck trying to figure out what to write for a caption on Instagram. Then, I remembered it’s New Year’s Day and why not compare this poor doll that’s gotten the shit kicked out of it to a small wish that I hope not to look the same after 2017. I hope that’s true because she’s missing half her hair, both legs, and looks like she’s been through a beating in general.

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