1.4.17 -- Day 16

by Samantha Archie January. 07, 2017 169 views

21,000+ steps later #worthit

Today I went on a long walk with my language partners to talk with farmers from two farms: a cabbage farm and an avocado farm. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the differences among farms here in Tanzania (one was a small farm where the crops were sold locally and the other was a large farm that exported avocados to Europe. While the trip was memorable for many reasons, one in particular was that we walked over 21,000 steps in about 4 hours. This sounds especially monumental when you consider that I walked a total of 67 steps the day before. It’s one of the amazing things I love about living here is that you walk everywhere. Not only is it great for your health but also it gives you the opportunity to see so much more because you’re straying off the main roads and interacting with people. The fact that the 3 days that I’ve spent visiting farms so far have all been very close to either my old house or school is incredible because I’ve seen so much these past few days that I never saw during my first 4 months, because I didn’t stray far from the main road. I look forward to exploring my new neighborhood and other areas more now that I’ve seen how you can think you know where you live without truly knowing much of it.

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