1.10.17 -- Day 22

by Samantha Archie January. 21, 2017 275 views

Today was my first day at my new job!!!! I am so excited to finally be going to work and not sitting around the house all day. My internship is at a Tanzanian agricultural organization that advocates on behalf of farmers and conducts community empowerment trainings as well. So far it is a great fit. Everyone in the office speaks Swahili, they are all super welcoming, and not only does the director seems to understand the purpose of my internship better than I do but he introduces me as a different kind of intern, one interested in using her professional skills to help the organization while learning Swahili.

Classic lunch in TZ

Today’s photo is of my lunch that my work provided for me: ugali and mbogamboga. There is no real comparable food to ugali in America but it’s simply a mixture of ground corn or flour and water with the consistency of dough. Mbogamboga means vegetables in Swahili and today that included spinach, onions, and tomatoes. You eat ugali with your hands, taking a piece of the ugly and then use it to scoop some of the vegetables up and then eat! The plate is a little empty because I’m still sick with typhoid fever and not eating that much and also I, like many foreigners, don’t particularly enjoy eating ugali.

Nonetheless, it was a fantastic day at the office. Never have I been so happy to play on my computer all day in an office (there was no work for me to do today) in my life! I can’t wait until work really starts!

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