1.11.17 -- Day 23

by Samantha Archie January. 21, 2017 185 views


Today I visited a few villages in the Arusha region, Engutoto, Erkuroti, and Ekenywa to take pictures of ledgers at their community SACCOS offices. SACCOS means Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, which are also known as microfinance organizations. It was a pretty simple task that in itself wasn’t very interesting, but the drives from the main road to the villages were insane. As we were going down the main road, you could see a dust cloud in the distance. Little did I know we were driving into that dust cloud. Sometimes the visibility was so bad we could only see the edge of the hood of the car and had to stop and wait for a minute for the wind to calm down. Watching people struggle to walk in the dust storm, attempting to cover themselves up as much as they could which also meant they were entirely brown, made me think about how difficult it would be to keep oneself or one’s space clean. One thing I’ve noticed in both my homestays is that everyday the floors are swept and washed; there is a major desire for there to be as little dust in the house as possible. This is incredibly difficult in Tanzania given that most homes are on dirt roads and so dirt normally comes in as people come and go, but trying to imagine what it must be like to clean a house during a dust storm is insane.

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