1.16.17 -- Day 28

by Samantha Archie January. 21, 2017 224 views

Chai time

Today’s picture is of my mid-morning tea and bread at my office desk. “Chai time” as we call it here in Tanzania is fantastic because it is a scheduled time to relax and take a break from work for 15-30 minutes and talk to your coworkers or just tune out for a few minutes. It’s something I can’t imagine having in the US, yet I think it is sorely needed. I sometimes have to remind myself to take a break during chai time because it is so easy for me to revert to my workaholic self and not take that break, which is bad not only for my health but also because it’s seen as almost rude if you don’t engage in the break here. Writing this blog post is a reminder for me of the importance of taking a break every day during chai time and hopefully I’ll remember it when I’m tempted to work through it.

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