by Sara Spaedy January. 02, 2017 422 views

Pentax K-S2, SMC Pentax-M 35/2.8

loosely piled US Navy uniform shirt with eagle lapel pin


With nothing better to do the first day of the year, and trying to fend off the tail end of a wearisome cold, I slept in and have spent the rest of the day contemplating some grand, sweeping theme to encompass my new photo-a-day project for 2017.

I failed, though.

My ideal journey would be one of capturing incidental moments of light, structure, mundanity and plainness. Instead I pulled this old US Navy shirt of my dad's out of the closet and contrived a little landscape from the threadbare folds.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Brad Shea 4 years ago

This is a great start to this year. I'm proud of you for taking such an ambitious project on - again.

4 years ago Edited
Sara Spaedy Replied to Brad Shea 4 years ago

Thanks, Brad. :-)

4 years ago Edited
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