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Pentax K-S2, SMC Pentax-M 35/2.8, stitch of 2 landscape oriented images in Microsoft ICE

dog sleeping on the floor

to sleep, to dream

Rooster will be 13 in March.

He's been my dog since he was 6 weeks old. One of the free puppies, out of the back of a pickup truck. He weighed about 6 pounds then, but I soon discovered that about 1 pound of that was parasitic worms. Ha! He's been a healthy fat ever since, reasonable around 70 pounds, but once as fat as 82! (My bad.)

He's my match, my soul, my love, my friend.

About 4 years ago the groomer noticed a lump, and he's been getting lumpier ever since. It impacts his bowel habits. (He usually poops out a small pebble at a time, as often as we'll let him out.) He farts a lot, but it's never smelly.

He used to have to wear a head halter because he pulled so strongly on the leash - now it takes us about 20 minutes to walk around one block.

In the last year or two he's lost his hearing, except for loud clapping and whistling. His eyes are clouded with cataracts and he's not as good at catching treats in mid-air.

Last year he spent about a week stumbling around from "old dog vestibular disease", and a couple months after that the entire right side of his head lost all its muscle.

In anticipation of his eternal absence, I've gotten lenient with him. We used to not let the dogs in the bedroom (my husband has allergies), but now I move his dog bed every night from the living room to the bedroom so he can sleep within reach.

Rooster has learned he can dictate when we go to sleep every night. He throws his rope toy around and does his grumbly howl that he usually reserves for reminding me that it's dinner time. It works.

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Lexxy Benevides 4 years, 3 months ago

I love this photo, and love your love for your pup. Such a sweetie.

4 years, 3 months ago Edited
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