We gonna par-tay like its your birthday!

by Sarah March. 10, 2010 1287 views

Today was Zach's birthday (observed). Seems as though we always celebrate his birthday on a different day then his actual birthday but its okay, we always have a blast. This year we went to Cosmos and had dinner and drinks and stayed for more drinks after. This was the most AMAZING martini I have ever had in my life. It was a raspberry truffle martini and I can not even begin to describe it. I did offer to allow Tim (the bar tender) to come move in with me and make them…every.single.day.

I had to leave the party to go pick up Kate and Zach (her husband not the birthday boy; its confusing … we know) at the airport. As I pulled in my windshield wipers stopped working. Read: totally quit. Did I mention it was pouring? And the airport is about 12 miles up the highway from where we all live. Thus, we loaded up the car and ventured home with a very wet window. We did stop at a bank to see if we could jiggle something to make it work again with my dad on the phone but that epically failed. So I drove in the rain, on the highway, 12 miles and got us all home safe and sound. I do not however advise you try this.

Kate and Zach were kind enough to let me take their car back uptown to continue the celebration and my duties as the DD. Don't worry kids we were there for a long time and I had 3 drinks. Including the piece of heaven you see above. And really once that had been consumed there was nothing in the world that could top it.

We had a fabulous time and a lot of laughs. Happy Birthday Zach!

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