Everyones funny....

by Sarah October. 19, 2010 1576 views

I came into work today to find this plastered on my door. Yes, it is poster size. Yes, a certain co-worker of mine may have packing taped it there. Yes, his name might be Ben. Clearly, we have some fun at work…however, paybacks a bitch. :)

Oh and these were given to us to put up in the halls. Seriously?! Good marketing ploy, your target group gets it, however when Joe's mama sees this hanging in his hallway I have to listen to her. Thus, they will be saved for pranks and they will never see the inside of one of my buildings.

It's all fun and games…

**And for those of you who can not read the poster it says: “”IT PROVOKES THE DESIRE, BUT IT TAKES AWAY THE PERFORMANCE.“ Drinking too much can ruin a great act. Use moderation.”**

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