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I am a photographer reaching out...I have hit the proverbial "wall" and looking for creativity, passion, and fun once more in my work. Wanting to pick up my camera, walk out the door, "shoot for the joy of it" and watch what happens. 2018 is the year to find my voice again in the images I create. Waiting for the light in the scenes that I want to photograph requires being present and aware.
My favorite subjects are horses and pastoral landscapes, but for a living, I shoot weddings, celebrations, architecture, and lifestyle portraits. This blog is an exercise to help me reach out to the photography that I want and desire to photograph, and as I am a natural verbal storyteller, to sharpen my skills with the written word as well.
Being a Southerner by blood and birth, my intention of this blog is to make me, myself, more cognizant and disciplined to truly take time to photograph the landscapes of the South, that I love so much and see if I do it well. I have a need to know. I have to answer to myself.
I intend to post at least once a week, shoot daily, use various sources as inspiration to carry my camera daily, and on really great, lucky days photograph a beautiful horse and a landscape guaranteed to bring a Southerner home!


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