Photographing the little things in life.

by Sarah Hutslar July. 09, 2018 471 views

Wild’s insect photography (check out his work ). It was so beautiful, and I was so amazed another person took the time to see the beauty in something so tiny. A lot of times insects are either ignored or killed because they inconvenience people but Alex Wild took the time to make people admire them. I hope that one day my photography will change the way people look at the little things around them.

I’ve always loved all types of bugs but jumping spiders have always been a favorite. When it comes to photographing jumping spiders are one of the most photogenic little creatures. The biggest challenge with them is having a fast enough shutter speed to capture them while they’re sitting still, or catch them in mid-movement.  I think it is important for people to see that up-close spiders are adorable, not scary.

If I was going to offer tips for insect or arachnid photography it would be to take the time to look around you. See the little things that live around us and when you are photographing, get in close. The closer you can get without disturbing the little one, the better your photo will be! They have a lot of details that photograph really well you normally would not notice. You also need a fast camera, little things move fast. Next time before you squish the little critter next to you maybe pick up a camera instead. They really are beautiful.   

You can check out the rest of my wildlife photography on my website. Be sure to check in next week for my next blog post. Thanks for reading!

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Antonio Gil 3 years, 2 months ago

Love the grasshopper picture Sarah

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