5 reasons to take childrens portraits outdoors.

by Sarah Hutslar July. 26, 2018 210 views

One of my favorite thing to do is photograph kids. They are so much fun and their personality always shows through the photographs. I have been working with kids since I was basically a kid myself. I have helped raise three kids, including a child with Down syndrome. Taking pictures of them while we were growing up has taught me how to get the most natural looking photos of children. I choose to schedule my children’s portrait sessions for outdoor locations. In this blog, I will be going over the reasons I believe outdoor sessions are best for children’s portraits.

                              1. Studios can be scary.

If you’ve ever been to a photography studio you know it can be a little intimidating. It’s normally dark, except for big flashing lights. This on top of big backgrounds that sometimes move when you move around on them, props, people they don’t know telling them what to do, and a camera pointing at them. This is why a lot of times kids portraits look so unnatural and posed because they are uncomfortable with the surroundings. In an outdoor setting even if it’s somewhere they’ve never been its surroundings they are used to and they relax more.

                           2. There is room to move.

In a studio, kids are confined to a background. This means they can’t move around a whole lot, if they are moving around there are safety risks such as the background or lights falling. This can cause little kids to get fussy and cry not wanting to have pictures taken at all. When you are on location outdoors they can move and play. When kids are playing they are more relaxed, this means more natural looking pictures. Showing kids playing and enjoying themselves means getting the best pictures out of the session. One of my favorite parks to photograph at is Wilson Park in Bedford. You can check out their website to see the park.

                           3. Kids enjoy the photo session.

When kids enjoy having pictures taken they are more likely to want to have their pictures taken again. If you take them to the studio and they get scared, it may be difficult to get them to go back to a photographer. Most parents want to have pictures done at least once a year, it is better for them to enjoy the process. If you take them to a park to do a photo session they are going to remember it as getting to have fun and play. This can get them excited to have their pictures taken, they may even forget the photographer is there.

                              4. It is something different.

    Have you ever looked back through school pictures, even your friend’s school pictures? Did you notice they all look the same? Same photoshopped in backgrounds, same lights, same pose. They make everyone and every year look the same. A lot of photographers that shoot in a studio do the same thing. They have a general set up they use for everyone. When you do outdoor sessions they are guaranteed to be unique to you in some way. The lighting is going to be different. They are going to have natural looking backgrounds and show off the best qualities of the subject. So not only will the kids enjoy having the photos taken better, you are going to enjoy the photos more.

                        5. Kids get to be kids.

    In to many instances these days kids are forced to be what people want them to be. Kids are expected to act more like adults from very young ages. Let’s face it, kids aren’t made to sit still. I don’t like to have to make kids sit still and smile for the camera, it looks so much better when they smile because they are happy. I enjoy getting to let kids be kids. Even if we are doing portraits with a backdrop, I like to let them be silly.

These are a few reasons I enjoy doing kids pictures outdoors, especially somewhere they enjoy being. The next time you are planning on having your children’s pictures taken ask your photographer if they offer outdoor sessions for kids, or what they do to make kids feel comfortable. Thank you for reading and come back next week for my next blog post. You can check out more of my child photography on my website.

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