March 8: Bare Tree, Blue Sky; Buds and Berries; Suburbia Overhead; Ghosts of Last Autumn's Leaves

by Saramerry99 March. 08, 2011 2197 views

There were actual signs of Spring out in the world today. At least in the morning before class–by the time I left in the afternoon the clouds had closed in and there were spitty spiffles of snow again.

But for a few glorious hours the sky was blue, leaf buds were swelling on branches graced with the shriveled remains of last year's berries, and some people were out and about without heavy coats (though I was not one of them).

The last picture is the remains of last years' leaves in the concrete–they were pressed under the weight of the snow and ice and the leaves disintegrated away, leaving only these ghostly stains.

bare tree, blue sky (a reminiscence of last month's “bare tree, grey sky” on Feb. 4–same tree, different sky)

buds and berries (I think that's mountain ash…or maybe choke cherry…about to leaf out, the berries always wind out sticking around all winter–I don't know why the birdies don't eat them)

suburbia overhead (same tree as above, different “camera” in the Retro Camera app on my phone)

ghosts of last autumn's leaves

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