March 20: Breakfast; Sleek Lines; Tyuiop

by Saramerry99 March. 20, 2011 6212 views

What with one thing and another, very nearly the whole day was spent on the computer. Early in the day, was the usual Sunday online social gathering with friends–we've been friends for 20 years and getting together online for over a decade. After that, I worked on my law exam for a few hours (I'm more than half-way through). Then I worked on my resume and cover letter for a job with the National Park Service that I'd walk on *coals* to get.

So with all of that, the only things I could really think of to take pictures of today–other than my breakfast–were the keyboard and mouse. I learned from doing so that taking macro pictures of daily-use electronics like the computer winds out rendering very detailed captures of dust and grot that are rather icky looking up close. Sigh.


sleek lines


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