June 8: Summertime; Delicate Sunset

by Saramerry99 June. 08, 2011 1989 views

It was another long, worky day today. I'm working on getting our condo packed. Patrick's been living here for over a decade and, therefore, it has a decade's worth of his stuff that needs to be sorted and sifted and boxed. I'm working on that project while he's at work.

The problem is that it's not all that photogenic.

Patrick asked to be excused from being my photographic subject of choice for an evening–which is totally reasonable. I'd get self-conscious if someone took my picture as often as I take his.

Which means that I had to go with a couple of phone picture I took of a very quietly beautiful sunset that was entirely outside my phone's capabilities to capture. The sky shaded delicately from robin's egg blue to a light peach with pearlescent clouds smoothing the transitions. It wasn't a spectacular sunset–no magentas or flaming oranges–but it was quite lovely.

I modded the heck out of the first pic–making a satin purse (if not silk) out of what I had. The second one has only been normally post-processed. They're pretty enough, but don't convey the delicacy of the sunset.


delicate sunset

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