Aug. 4: Four Pics with Long Titles--morning, geese and moose

by Saramerry99 August. 04, 2011 1699 views

Yesterday was grey and misty–not quite raining, but definitely moist–and I got some pictures of the lake on the misty moisty morning.

When driving home from the lake I saw geese. This is not too surprising, Canada geese are common as dust here (as they are in most suburban areas in North America, I imagine) but one of them was different. I took some pictures of the Strange Goose then looked it up when I got home to find that it's not so strange at all. It's a domesticated greylag goose, probably gone feral from a farm somewhere, that fell in with a flock of Canada geese and seems to be doing pretty well for itself. Obviously, I don't know enough about domestic geese, because I thought they were white, not grey with white tushies.

Working on the condo after I got home, I put the moose up in the dining room. Home is where the moose is, after all. :D

misty moisty morning

one of these is not like the others

greylag goose

home is where the moose is

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Leslie D 6 years, 1 month ago

Ha! Great set and I love the titles..."[i]one of these is not like the others[/i]".
I guess you are finally home now that the moose is hung.

6 years, 1 month ago Edited