Sept. 21: Five pics, four with long titles

by Saramerry99 September. 21, 2011 2067 views

Another no-sunrise day. Boo.

I went to the Ag Center and took some pictures of trees in the mist, a different kind of yellow flower that I haven't noticed there before, and a flock of starlings one the bare branches of a half dead tree.

Somewhere outside the Ag Center, but still in the vicinity of the large block of federally owned land in the county, I spotted a very lovely tree with leaves ranging from green through yellow and orange and red to dark purple. Very pretty. So after a couple of U-turns, one in the entrance to *something* that had no sign out front but a gate with an ID check (I turned before I got to the guard), I found a place out of the way to pull over and went to take a picture of it, sort of standing in the road leading back to the gated place. As I was standing there, a nice guard in a white SUV drove up to ask me if she could help me (subtext: “What are you doing?”). Me: “I'm just taking a picture of that tree because the purple leaves are so pretty.” Guard: (looking very confused) “That's all?” Me: “Yep, that's it. Is it okay” Guard: (still looking confused) “Yes, if that's all you're doing.” Me: (snapping picture) “Got it. Thank you.” It didn't ever look like she thought I was lying to her, just that she couldn't even *conceive* of someone stopping to take a picture of a tree with pretty purple leaves. But really, they were. You can see the pretty colors in the picture though I think I could have gotten a better one with a little more time to find the right angle on the shot, but I figured her patience would not extend to me moving away from where I stood.

I think for the next few days, I'll go to Laurel Lake or Greenbelt Lake or downtown Laurel–somewhere that's not the property of the Department of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife Service, NASA, Army, Secret Service, or the NSA. (All of those are in the area, as I understand it.)

In the afternoon I was back at the Nature Center for an interview and got a picture of some cool white sycamore tree trunks in the forest. :D I also sketched them while I was waiting, which was muy cool.

grey and sullen morning

a different kind of yellow flower

live birds, mostly dead tree

tree with pretty purple leaves


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