Sept. 22: Mini Painting Kit Unpacked and Packed

by Saramerry99 September. 22, 2011 1733 views

I've been doing a lot of sketching and watercolors lately (and watercolor sketching, which is a little less finished than proper “paintings”, at least as I use the term). I have a travel painting kit that holds 14 colors and I've used it to paint many things and like it just fine.

But I saw some people online who had made little mini painting kits in Altoids tins and I just had to play. I especially got into doing it with found items–rather than buying empty paint pans I used beer caps, attached to the box with double sided tape, and filled them with paint I already had. I already had the wee little water bottle. I sliced a chunk off of my white vinyl eraser to include. I already had the white colored pencil (for highlights and special effects I've been wanting to play with)–I just cut it half so it would fit. The little white mixing tray on the side is from my other portable paint set–I don't use it there and it's perfect for this.

I did buy the pencil, but that's my favorite kind of sketching pencil and would have been getting another one anyway. And I bought the waterbrush–I have another one and love it, so I'm very happy to have two, and in theory this one will fit in the box (it goes into two parts), but I'd have to take some other stuff out.

I have some small pieces of watercolor paper in the lid–I can either use them for some mixing (I mix on scrap paper at home a fair amount) or paint on them. I also have a smaller piece with a color wheel made from the three colors of paint in the kit. This is a muted primaries kit: Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet, and Yellow Ochre. It'll be wonderful for autumn (which is on the way) and probably winter. In the spring I'll either have to swap out the colors or make a new kit with some more saturated primaries. But that'll be fun. :D

I haven't done any painting from this one yet–but I'll take it with me tomorrow and see what I can do. :D

(These photos also brought to you by the fact that once again there was no sunrise and basically no decent light all day long. I'm starting to feel like Sherlock Holmes: “I can't make bricks without clay!” I can't do light-writing (photography) without *light*.)

mini painting kit unpacked

mini painting kit packed

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Leslie D 6 years ago

Okay, I read the whole thing and I guess I understand the *portability* of having a mini painting kit. But, are you soon to be backpacking into the jungles of the Amazon? lol...

Your creativity is showing, even without a sunrise and decent light.

6 years ago Edited