Nov. 10: Four photos from a foggy morning

by Saramerry99 November. 10, 2011 1404 views

There were (and probably still are) dense fog advisories all around the area this morning.

I find fog to be a rather beautiful atmospheric condition but one that's hard to capture in photographs–because it's hard to get the sense of things being shrouded but not completely obscured by it without them being so vague in the photograph that they're hard to parse.

I went to two different places to take a stab at it–the little narrow forest road down to the wildlife refuge, which had the advantage of having some gorgeous autumn color all around too. The first of those two, I think, caught the fogginess better, the second I think does a better job with the whole late autumn vibe.

Then I went to the unloved stepchild of our three historic mansions–Oaklands Manor. I figured the fog would bring out the creepy-abandoned-house-ness of it. Which it sort of did. I'm not sure that the last photo–of two new houses with the manor on the hill behind and between them–quite conveys the almost Edward Scissorhands vibe of “totally normal suburban neighborhood with a ”haunted“ house right in the middle of it”…I'll keep looking for the right angle to convey that.

foggy woodland road

late autumn in the fog

Oaklands Manor in the fog

the creepy old house on the hill

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Leslie D 5 years, 10 months ago

Maybe if that green, boxy, electrical *thing* wasn't there between the new houses, the creepy old house on the hill would look creepier?

The fog shots are great!

5 years, 10 months ago Edited