Dec. 5: Patrick in his office; Backlit Webcam Selfie

by Saramerry99 December. 05, 2011 2297 views

We had some sort of alarm clock failure this morning–either the alarm app on my Phone didn't work or I turned it off without ever waking up (which doesn't seem all that likely but is possible–so I wound out driving Patrick to work this morning.

And I got a picture of him looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in his office. ::looks at picture again:: Well, he's looking cute anyway. :D

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the zoo (which is what I usually do when I drive Patrick all the way to his office) because I had an appointment with my advisor to make sure our computers would Skype with each other for my defense on Thursday. The tech check went just fine…but the zoo would have been more fun and probably done a whole bunch more for my stress level.

I did get a backlit selfie on the webcam though.

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