Jan. 21: Four pictures of robins

by Saramerry99 January. 21, 2012 809 views

I can't easily take my big camera to work with me, but on weekends I switch back to my camera-backpack so I have it. We didn't really go anywhere on Saturday last week–just some grocery shopping and errands–but when we got home we noticed a *big* flock of robins going to town on the berries in some holly bushes outside our building.

There were at least 30 birds and I stayed outside in the car watching them swoop in, eat for a bit, then fly off for a few seconds before swooping back in. (Our best guess is that they were flying away to poop.)

I love robins anyway. They seem so commonplace and humdrum–generic birdies in every back yard in North America (at least)–until you realize that yeah, they're common as dust in the suburbs, sure. But they're also common in wild forests, distant and mostly unspoiled mountains, and pretty much everywhere in the middle. I've watched robins at 7,000 feet in Yellowstone and Glacier. They're marvellously adaptable birds.

For example–I picture robins eating worms and buggies (and have watched them do so), but they were going after holly berries like it was the hot new gizmo at a Black Friday sale.

After they denuded these four small trees, they moved onto another group of much larger ones also near our building and spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening having a raucous and cheerful feast.

(Oh, no post for Jan. 20, because I totally missed it. Didn't remember until the next morning. Whoops!)

five of at least thirty (no really–the flap in the middle is two)


feasting and flying

red, grey, white

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Leslie D 5 years, 7 months ago

Oh, I do so love this set! You and your big camera got some beauties here.
I love robins and can't imagine summer without them. Always there is a nesting pair in my backyard and I sit on my porch every early evening to hear them sing.
So glad they found a feast.

5 years, 7 months ago Edited
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