April 21: Tulips

by Saramerry99 April. 21, 2012 2285 views

I've been having lot of fun lately drawing tulips from photographs (on the web)–the shading and sheen and texture of the petals is really neat.

I prefer, in general, the challenge of drawing from life rather than from photographs. Photography has already done the work of taking the three-dimensional thing and flattening it to two-dimensions, which makes it much easier but less satisfying, in a way.

So I got a bunch of tulips when we were grocery shopping to use as life-models. I'm also going to take a bunch of pictures of them in different lighting to use as reference photos later. (So you'll probably see these tulips again. And maybe others–I want to get one of the stripedy Rembrandt tulips and one of the ruffeldy Parrot tulips too.) I also want to take more on the big camera–this was sort of impromptu with the camera I could reach last night (the point-n-shoot).

bunch of tulips

one perfect tulip

drawing I did of some tulips from photos on the internetz

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Leslie D 9 years ago

Oh, your drawing is very nice. (Have you sketched the [url=http://www.photoblog.com/saramerry99/2012/04/04/april-4-opening-day.html]ball & glove[/url] ?)
Enjoy your lovely tulips...take a few for your desk at work!

9 years ago Edited
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