Tomatoes with Aphids, 2/365

by Sandy Lastname June. 29, 2017 670 views

San Marzano Roma-style heirloom tomatoes, with aphids

San Marzano Roma-style heirloom tomatoes, with aphids

I discovered aphids on my tomatoes yesterday, so wish me luck with that. These are San Marzano paste tomatoes. It's a great variety of indeterminate tomato that I like better than the little bush Roma tomatoes that are popular at nurseries around here. The bush tomatoes tend to crop all at once, which is fine if you want to can sauce, but I prefer to preserve small batches of salsa with a variety of different tomatoes and peppers as they ripen, and indeterminate works better for that. You get fewer at once, but over a longer harvest season. It's a lot more interesting to open salsa up over the winter if you have half a dozen jars each of five or six different flavors. Even if they only vary a little, it keeps it fresh.

I have a decently sized back yard garden, and I'm making a special effort this year to keep up with maintenance consistently. I sometimes get garden burnout partway though the season and abandon things. I'm psyched up to avoid that this year. I didn't start transplants myself this year - I usually start with peppers and eggplant in February indoors - so I'm hoping my garden energy lasts longer into the fall than it usually does...

Probably a solid percentage of my photos for this project will be garden photos.

I had a busy day and waited until late-ish to go out and take photos. I like aperture priority mode, and I didn't really notice that my auto-iso setting had crept so crazy high. Lesson learned there - I really don't like noise. It wasn't even that dim.

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