Why NOT a 365. x/365

by Sandy Lastname July. 19, 2017 715 views
Wren (?) in my back yard.

Wren (?) in my back yard.

So I had the best of intentions starting a 365 project. My very first post here explains my reasons for the project (gaining skill and moving out of my comfort zone, basically).

But it turns out, it's not for me. I'm sort of a contrary individual, and apparently that applies even when it's ME telling me I need to do something. At first I was happy and excited to work on the project. Then I was a little put out at the inconvenience. Then I was procrastinating until the last possible minute. Then I was so profoundly annoyed by the whole thing that I haven't picked up my camera since July 3rd. I even skipped fireworks. I LOVE fireworks.

So, yeah. Not for me. Gonna let that go.

But I am taking the camera out later this afternoon. And I might post photos. IF I feel like it. :)

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Tawnya Boe 4 years ago

Haha... I can completely relate with your feelings on your project goal. Your House Wren is just beautiful. It's a great shot! We have wren houses we put out each year - and I can never capture as well as you have here! satisfied

4 years ago Edited
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