Stupid Butterflies

by Sandy Lastname July. 24, 2017 849 views
European Cabbage White on an Eggplant leaf

European Cabbage White on an Eggplant leaf

I have a love/hate relationship with butterflies. They're gorgeous, of course. But they flit around way too fast and randomly for me to easily photograph. Maybe I'm slow. Whatever. Stupid butterflies.

This particular butterfly is a European Cabbage White. It would be responsible for the green caterpillars that are eating my kale at this very moment. I'm sure my kids appreciate that, even if I don't. (Dinosaur kale is good!)

I was able to get a nice shot of this one because it had to take shelter on the underside of a leaf to hide out from some light rain. I'm really happy with the awesome tiny water droplets on the leading edge of the wings.

And I love how butterflies are furry.

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Tawnya Boe 4 years ago

This is a great shot - unique. I like the hair on bugs too - and the water drops are great detail.  droplet

4 years ago Edited
Sandy Lastname Replied to Tawnya Boe 4 years ago

Thanks!  I was really happy with it.  Caterpillars notwithstanding.  smiley

4 years ago Edited