Bees at Dawes Arboretum

by Sandy Lastname July. 25, 2017 696 views
Beehive at Dawes Arboretum, Newark, Ohio

Beehive at Dawes Arboretum, Newark, Ohio

I came upon the beehives at Dawes Arboretum by wandering into the area sideways. I didn't see the "Employees Only" sign until it was behind me on my way out. Oops!

Every spring I'm sort of vaguely tempted to set up a beehive. Honey is expensive, and we use of a lot of it... My husband has an interest in the "local honey is good for allergies" assertion. But would it be worth the work/expense? I'd only want one hive, and I have no interest in setting up a small business. It's been my consistent experience that monetizing hobbies ruins them.

There's a pretty short window every spring when you can set up a hive. We don't seem to be short pollinators here, generally speaking, but considering the overall plight of the honeybee maybe I'll give it more serious consideration next year.

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